My Holistic Home
When is the last time your home had a health check-up? 

Oh, you haven't heard of a home health check-up

The quality of the outside environment and inside of your home has changed dramatically...

What would a health check up do for your family?

Are you ready?
Welcome home...
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Why the bathroom is not only the best place for moisture prone substances like mold to grow but it's also an ideal place to absorb chemicals and find a host of other harmful hazards

Isn't it time we made the bathroom a truly hygienic experience?  

From the televisions, computers and video games to furnishings of less than desirable quality, what is the connection we share with our families in the social room of the house
What role does you living room play in your living game?

Dramatic changes in the sleeping environment are responsible for the low energy and fatigue that people carry around with them

What are you sleeping with?

Let's take a stroll around the culinary castle, the epicenter of cellular regeneration, to see what you're really bringing into your body.

You're putting that in your mouth?

Grab your clubs and prepare your body for a day on the greens.  You're going to need the extra protection.  

Do you really know where you're spending your time?
Let Andrew Scopick take YOUR home and living experience to the next level. With a background in lifestyle, clean living and home health he has spent several decades exploring the comfort and challenges associated with the environments where we spend most of our time.  

He wondered why some homes allow for deep healing and rest while others just seem to be the place we go home to at night.  Even worse, while going through his own health crisis, he discovered the ugly truth that some homes are even the root cause of many health conditions! 

Wanting to find a way to help families and their loved ones increase their health, well being and living experience he set out on a path of educating others about their home.  Let him walk YOU and YOUR family through the My Holistic Home health check system!  
My Holistic Home Consultation 
Sit back, relax and learn from the comfort of your home.  This consult will change things around the house! 

  •  Analysis of Holistic Home Intake Assessment & Journey Check in
  •  Introduce Key Concepts & Holistic Home strategies
  •  Room by Room Walk through:  Live with immediate feedback allowing full discussion and direction
  •  Holistic Home Checklist: Provides an outline to set up your Holistic Home
  •  Detailed Report:  Provides summary of findings, recommendations and direct access to solutions

    My Holistic Home Complete
    Let us come to you.  Gather around and have us walk your family through a complete Holistic Home check-up! 

    •  Live, On-Site Analysis using the most advanced techniques and tools
    •  A Step by Step walk through with live and interactive demonstrations
    •  Transform your living space and create an environment for thriving
    •  Air Particle Testing, EMF analysis, light & water check-ins
    •  Air Analysis:  Identify the top 8 Allergen Triggers in your home!
    •  BONUS:  Clean & Green Shopping Experience.  Learn labels, test products and take your families dollar and health to the next level!
    •  BONUS:  Follow up emails and calls to make sure your action plan is carried out!
    What others are saying....
    "I've always enjoyed having a clean and comfortable home environment but it wasn't until I met My Holistic Home that I was introduced to a whole new meaning of clean!  Since I spend more of my time working from home they knew how important it was to support any environment that you spend the majority of your time in.  From room to room they helped me create a place that supports my health and energy demands.  Even my family can't believe the difference!"
    Limor Markman

    "My Holistic Home is a comprehensive approach that helped me upgrade the quality of my living experience.  From fresh water, air and understanding the role EMF's play, I was able to finally start seeing what's around me.  My living space is fresh, gives me energy and truly helps me heal and recharge at the end of the day.  I hope you too have the opportunity to learn from My Holistic Home."
    Adam Arbour
    "I started working with Andrew when I was feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of switching careers and starting a new business. Working with a coach who asks the right questions has impacted my entire life. From increased levels of confidence, health and relationships, this has truly been transformative. Not only has my energy increased, I also feel more clear about my goals and how to use my strengths to achieve them. I always look forward to my inspiring and fun coaching sessions with Andrew!"
    Sarah Costa
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